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Our Newest Products
Baubles Quilt Pattern HST-046
A Flip & Fuse quilt pattern.
Rain Flowers Quilt Pattern HST-045
Showcase focal print with this great quilt pattern.
Pineapple Punchneedle Embroidery Pattern ROG-8207P
Welcoming embroidery pattern.
Pineapple Kit ROG-8207K
Fabric kit for the Pineapple punchneedle embroidery pattern.
Round Sheep Kit ROG-3210K
Sheep fabric kit and punchneedle embroidery pattern.
Pink Pig Kit ROG-3110K
Pig fabric kit and punchneedle embroidery pattern.
Houses Quilt Pattern ROG-1013P
Friendly village quilt pattern.
Houses Kit ROG-1013K
Fabric kit for the Houses quilt pattern.
Owl Family Quilt Pattern ROG-0912P
Owl applique quilt pattern.
Owl Family Kit ROG-0912K
Fabric kit for the Owl Family quilt pattern.
Cat Stack Quilt Pattern ROG-0712P
Adorable cat stack quilt pattern.
Cat Stack Kit ROG-0712K
Fabric kit for the Cat Stack quilt pattern.
Twin Lambs Quilt Pattern ROG-0511P
Twin lambs are twice the fun and double the trouble.
Twin Lambs Kit ROG-0511K
Fabric kit for the Twin Lambs quilt pattern.
Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny Ornaments Pattern CPD-161
Wool applique Easter ornaments.
Easy Binding Winder EBW
A gadget designed to efficiently wind quilt binding.
Lone Star Quilt Pattern ROG-0910P
Lone Star is a favorite among quilters.
Lone Star Kit ROG-0910K
Fabric kit for the Lone Star quilt pattern.
Spotty Cat Quilt Pattern ROG-0509P
Quilt pattern for cat lovers everywhere.
Spotty Cat Kit ROG-0509K
Fabric kit for the Spotty Cat quilt pattern.
Homespun Star Quilt Pattern ROG-0109P
This quilt will bring comfort and warmth to your home.
Homespun Star Kit ROG-0109K
Fabric kit for the Homespun Star quilt pattern.
Pumpkin Head Quilt Pattern ROG-0601P
Seasonal quilt pattern.
Pumpkin Head Kit ROG-0601K
Fabric kit for the Pumpkin Head quilt pattern.
Bear Blessing Quilt Pattern ROG-0602P
Heaven themed quilt pattern.
Hearts & Homes Quilt Pattern ROG-0304P
Village printed panels complete this quilt pattern.
Hearts & Homes Kit ROG-0304K
Fabric kit for the Hearts & Homes quilt pattern.
Amish Center Diamond Quilt Pattern ROG-0296P
Classic Amish quilt pattern.
Amish Center Diamond Kit ROG-0296K
Fabric kit for the Amish Center Diamond quilt pattern.
Nine Patch Quilt Pattern ROG-1099P
Classic and timeless quilt pattern.
Nine Patch Kit ROG-1099K
Fabric kit for the Nine patch quilt pattern.
Rag Doll Quilt Pattern ROG-0399P
Cheery rag doll quilt pattern.
Rag Doll Kit ROG-0399K
Fabric kit for the Rag Doll quilt pattern.
Apples Quilt Pattern ROG-0401P
Charming fall harvest quilt pattern.
Apples Kit ROG-0401K
Fabric kit for the Apples quilt pattern.
Carolers Quilt Pattern ROG-0502P
These carolers spread happiness and good cheer.
Carolers Kit ROG-0502K
Fabric kit for the Carolers quilt pattern.
Santa Quilt Pattern ROG-0500P
This Santa will bring joy to your Christmas.
Santa Kit ROG-0500K
Fabric kit for the Santa quilt pattern.
Crazy Pig Quilt Pattern ROG-0700P
Adorable pig quilt pattern.
Crazy Pig Kit ROG-0700K
Fabric kit for the Crazy Pig quilt pattern.
Cows Quilt Pattern ROG-0403P
This farm quilt pattern is fun and easy.
Cows Kit ROG-0403K
Fabric kit for the Cow quilt pattern.
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Baskets Quilt Pattern ROG-1003P
Charming quilt pattern to warm your heart.
Baskets Kit ROG-1003K
Fabric kit for the Baskets quilt pattern.
Little Angel Quilt Pattern ROG-0495P
Charming little angel quilt pattern.
Little Angel Kit ROG-0495K
Fabric kit for the Little Angel quilt pattern.
Log Cabin Star Quilt Pattern ROG-1002P
Beautiful and traditional quilt pattern.
Log Cabin Star Kit ROG-1002K
Fabric kit for the Log Cabin Star quilt pattern.
Snow Friends Quilt Pattern ROG-0305P
Cozy wall quilt pattern.
Snow Friends Kit ROG-0305K
Fabric kit for Snow Friends quilt pattern
Scrap Stars Quilt Pattern ROG-0705P
Traditional star quilt pattern.
Scrap Stars Kit ROG-0705K
Fabric kit for Scrap Stars quilt pattern.
Autumn Star Quilt Pattern ROG-0906P
Autumn quilt pattern.
Autumn Star Kit ROG-0906K
Fabric kit for Autumn Star quilt pattern.
Chicken Coop Quilt Pattern ROG-0607P
This family of chickens will put a smile on your face.
Chicken Coop Kit ROG-0607K
Fabric kit for Chicken Coop quilt pattern.
Hole in the Barn Door Quilt Pattern ROG-1007P
Traditional wall quilt pattern.
Hole in the Barn Door Kit ROG-1007K
Fabric kit for the Hole in a Barn Door quilt pattern.
Wilderness Skinnies Quilt Pattern RCQ-566
Tromp through the woods and explore the outdoors!
Very Merry Quilt Pattern RCQ-521
Fast and easy quilt pattern.
Twist & Turn Quilt Pattern RCQ-515
Easy to make, fat quarter friendly quilt pattern.
Sun Kissed - Special Edition - Seasonal Skinnies Quilt Pattern RCQ-577
Feel the warmth of the sun with these special skinnies.
Starfish Cove Quilt Pattern RCQ-580
Enjoy a day on the coast with this quilt pattern.
Sassafras Quilt Pattern RCQ-518
Layer cake friendly quilt pattern.
On the Farm - Quiet Book Quilt Pattern RCQ-526
Make this fun farm book for the little one in your life.
Lucky Day Quilt Pattern RCQ-562
Decorate your table for St Patrick's Day with this festive runner.
Lost Marbles Quilt Pattern RCQ-505
Fun and bright fabrics make up this colorful quilt.
Blossom in Spring Skinnies Quilt Pattern RCQ-569
Three wall quilt patterns in one.
Garden Critters Quilt Pattern RCQ-538
Quick and easy afternoon project.
Everyday Skinnies Quilt Pattern RCQ-511
Everyday Skinnies will make a great addition to any home.
Clubhouse Quilt Pattern RCQ-579
Great quilt for a crib, wall, or table.
Celebrate Quilt Pattern RCQ-560
Fun holiday decoration.
Candied Hearts Quilt Pattern RCQ-561
Decorate for Valentines Day with this quilt pattern.