Fall 2009 Quilt Market Trends

To wrap up our Fall 2009 International Quilt Market Posts, we put little ole' heads together and came up with a list of the hot trends that we saw.
  • The show was very positive - everyone was busy. Recession? What recession?
  • Rick-rack was popular, embellishing everything! "Everything old is new again?"
  • There were still lots of brights and dots.
  • We did see some new colors emerging - purple - like eggplant, towards the reddish, in all shades.
  • How about zippers with bling! Just imagine.
  • There were tons of new patterns, including ours!
  • Fabrics are more and more contemporary. We didn't see a lot of retro.
  • Machine embroidery in quilts was popular (Check out our line of 4-in-1 quilts that feature spaces for embroidery.)
  • Paint sticks and Stenciling - lots of it!

    • The AccuQuilt GO! was once again popular. They introduced another new set of dies. They include baby-themes, funky flowers, and a holiday medley.
      • Kid's clothing patterns were everywhere!
      • Contemporary square in a square quilts seems to be in every publication you picked up. Most were done up in batiks.
      • A popular color was a particular shade of green, like this. It was visible in fabric, in people's clothing, on tote was all over!
    • We also saw gray...lots and lots of gray.
    • There was not much paper piecing around. Has its popularity waned?
    • Finally, there was no word on what Mark Lipinski's next venture will be, although a lot of us were speculating. Mark was at Market and had a new fabric line with Northcott at this show. He will also have fabric at the Spring 2010 Quilt Market. We'll have just have to wait and see what transpires.
    And this concludes our Fall 2009 International Quilt Market reporting. will, of course, have a booth at the Spring 2010 Quilt Market in Minneapolis, May 21 - 23. Our staff is already making plans to make our booth a real must-see. If you are a store owner, make plans to join us!
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