Collection: SQD - Sam Quilt Designs - Anne Marcellis

Like many women, Anne Marcellis tried every new craft that came along, but found her passion in quilting. Her mother taught her to sew and to embroider when she was 6 years old. After sewing her children’s clothing and her own for many years, she discovered the wonderfully fun world of quilting in 2001 when she made her first wall quilt. Anne tied the intersections with embroidery floss and secured the mitered borders with glue! It was then that she realized she needed to take classes at a local shop. Her techniques have improved significantly, to the point of designing her own patterns and teaching in quilt shops and guilds.

Anne’s work combines her background in accounting with an eye for color and movement. Her patterns are very detailed including lots of diagrams. She loves “thinking outside the box” and is now experimenting with a more modern approach to quilting. She loves trying to develop ways to make techniques easier and has worked out the math so you don’t have to. Creating with cloth is in Anne's blood and she is having fantastic time sharing her knowledge with others and making many new quilting friends. Anne thanks the Lord for the talents He has given her.