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Nancy got her love of sewing and all things creative from her mother. She started on a treadle sewing machine at five years old and has never stopped. She made most of her own clothes from age 13 to her late twenties. Nancy made her first quilt at age 15 from the rag bag and her mother’s scrap box and has done a ton of home décor sewing through the years. At age 21, Nancy suddenly became the owner of a craft shop which she ran for 7 years, took classes on the new trends, and taught many, many classes on all kinds of crafts and needlework. She then took a break from the sewing world for a while to raise a family and become a CPA.

In the fall of 2002, Nancy got back into machine quilting in a big way and decided then what the next chapter in her life would be — design, teach quilting and travel! She joined some local and national quilt guilds and started teaching craft and quilting classes again. Nancy then started designing and publishing her own patterns for quilting & sewing. Nancy was one of the first to take a class from Dewberry Designs in Florida and became a One-Stitch Certified Quilting Instructor.

Nancy owned from 2008 until August of 2022.