Collection: GQ - Gourmet Quilter - SusanClaire Mayfield

SusanClaire Mayfield has been quilting since the seventies and was sewing as a child encouraged by her Mum before then. When asked to teach at a local quilting store SusanClaire decided to prepare her own patterns for the class. The designs and patterns were popular and quilters asked for more - and so the pattern designing began. SusanClaire has many designs now and her own studio in her home in the country, and loves it!

In recent years SusanClaire mentioned to a Quilter that she had been asked to be guest speaker at a Quilters Guild and was wondering what topic to speak on. The Quilter's husband overheard the question and replied "Cooking of course". Well when you get to know SusanClaire you won’t be surprised to hear that she took up the challenge and prepared a Quilters version of a 3 course fabric meal with appropriate commentary and good humour – and so the GourmetQuilter was born.

SusanClaire has developed the GourmetQuilter theme since then and has exhibited in NZ, UK and now USA. She has presented and tutored and still finds time to design and make quilts. Her Quilting Studio is open to visitors by appointment, and you are made to feel most welcome.

SusanClaire now has a large range of her original quilting designs, which are beautiful and varied. Her work “That Japanese Doll Quilt” has featured over 2 issues of the magazine Quiltmania and has been described by the magazine as incredibly successful. She has also appeared in NZ Quilter, has had patterns published in Australian Homespun, Asian Fabric Magazine and in the online Quilt Pattern Magazine. **Just published! My 'Little Grey Monkey' quilt and pattern have appeared in Quilt Mania's Special Children 2012 edition**

Each pattern has been personally crafted and many of her original designs capture a touch of tradition combined with great themes, and some are simply works of art. The patterns are very well presented and clearly explained in SusanClaire’s own friendly style.

SusanClaire's quilts have featured in USA Roadshows, UK exhibitions and European, Australian and New Zealand magazines.

GourmetQuilter says..."I am devoted to refined enjoyment of quilting, patchwork, applique and pattern design."

GourmetQuilter is a passionate experience so don't hold back!