Corrections to QuiltWoman Patterns

All of our designers work very hard on their patterns but nobody is perfect. We require each designer to have their patterns proofread and tested but occasionally errors still slip through. Any errors that have been discovered will be corrected in future printings, posted in our pattern corrections section, and epattern pdf’s corrected as quickly as possible. We highly encourage you to let the designer know of any error that you find so we can provide a better quality product. All of our designers appreciate your help.

Below is a list of the publications that have corrections. Click on the pattern name to download a PDF that lists the pattern corrections. Thanks for your understanding!

Patterns with errors

AA-21 Dancing Around (added 5/4/13)
ABO-101 Snap & Go Bag (added 10/5/10)
ABO-103 The Manager (updated 6/20/12)
AEQ-37 Mountain Retreat (added 11/4/2020)
AEQ-81 Enchanted Forest (updated 9/11/2018)
AV-102 Moonlit Snowmen (added 12/10/10)
AV-128 Marbleized Beauty (added 5/30/13)
AV-146 Easy Diagonal Placemats (added 5/30/14)
AV-149 Four Fats Placemats (added 8/13/15)
AW-012 The Craftsman (added 4/9/14)
AW-09 Connections (added 9/29/11)

BC-206 Modern Mission (added 5/27/11)
BC-904 Hearts in the Garden (added 4/7/09)
BCC-206 Bigger Big Block (7/24/2018)
BCC-254 Skylight (added 6/5/18)
BCC-294 Glass Forest (added 3/8/2023)
BH-109 French Baguette (added 4/13/13)
BHD-202 Stars Around the Tree (added 12/28/12)
BL2-140 Bird Watching (added 1/24/2018)
BS2-206 Batik Diamonds (added 1/21/09)
BS2-212 View to the Woods (added 10/29/09)
BS2-224 Trophy Case (added 10/7/08)
BS2-225 Scenic Circle (added 6/22/13)
BS2-236 Donna's Meadow (added 10/9/13)
BS2-242 Dahlias (added 2/12/10)
BS2-249 String of Beads Skinnie (added 6/17/09)
BS2-254 Butterfly Pin Cushion (added 2/11/10)
BS2-258 Busy Bee Pin Cushion (added 1/30/10)
BS2-278 Tool Apron (added 11/3/10)
BS2-293 Easy Breezy (added 9/16/2021)
BS2-313 Vista (added 1/2/15)
BS2-323 Colors in the Round (added 9/1/15)
BS2-377 All Dressed Up (added 9/7/16)
BS2-415 Nature's Window (added 6/16/16)
BS2-417 Winter Weave (added 11/20/15)
BS2-443 Icebergs (added 7/8/17)
BSS-131 Tasmania Jacket (added 3/31/14)
BSS-302 Southern Stretch Comfort Pants (added 5/31/11)
BSS-308 Sangria Pullover Pattern (added 10/31/11)
BTH-028 Winter's Song Wall Hanging (added 11/23/10)
BTH-029 Whooo...Whooo...Whooo...Wants Tea? Tea Cozy Pattern (added 3/23/11)

CBQ-102 African Animals (added 9/5/12)
CBQ-114 Good Night Stars (added 5/31/11)
CBQ-115 Four Leaves (added 8/31/11)
CC-503 Reflections of the Serengeti II (added 3/24/2022)
CF-225 Pinwheels and Whirligigs (added 9/13/10)
CF-226 Dancing Pinwheels (added 10/12/10)
CF-229 Sweet Treats (added 3/25/13)
CF-230 A Wreath for All Seasons (added 12/13/13)
CF-4050 Ghostly Harvest Moon (added 8/15/2018)
CJC-12572 Jewel Box Lap (added 8/15/2023)
CJC-12573 Streetscape Jewel Box Lap (added 8/15/2023)
CJC-37123 Wilderness Panel (added 3/28/17, updated 8/10/2018)
CJC-4194 Spinning Hearts (added 9/18/2018)
CJC-436628 Harvest Moon (added 7/6/2022)
CJC-4401 Celestial Angels (added 9/25/2018)
CJC-4417 Slanting Cubes Runner (added 3/30/2018)
CJC-44596 Six Pack Chevron (added 2/24/2021)
CJC-44597 Six Pack Chevron (added 2/24/2021)
CJC-4525 Crystal Witch (added 10/7/2020)
CJC-452512 Crystal Witch (added 10/7/2020)
CJC-4623 Spiral Log Cabin (added 6/13/2020)
CJC-462321 Spiral Log Cabin (added 6/13/2020)
CJC-46942 Alpine Trails (added 1/23/2019)
CJC-4709 Whispers Garden Paths (added 10/30/15)
CJC-4718 Bargello Sunrise (added 8/14/2018)
CJC-47691 Tweet for Peace (added 11/24/15)
CJC-47751 Crossroads (added 1/21/16)
CJC-47761 Wilderness Winter (added 1/30/16)
CJC-48032 Be Merry (added 10/30/15)
CJC-48061 Butterfly Blossoms (added 5/27/17)
CJC-48181 Karma Spirit (added 4/24/16)
CJC-48391 Floating Star Runner (added 1/17/2020)
CJC-48396 Floating Star Runner (added 1/17/2020)
CJC-48401 Emerging Diamonds (added 2/5/17)
CJC-48431 Midnight Stars (added 7/20/2018)
CJC-48631 Diamond Lap (added 2/23/2022)
CJC-486310 Diamond Lap (added 2/23/2022)
CJC-486311 Diamond Lap (added 2/23/2022)
CJC-486312 Diamond Lap (added 2/23/2022)
CJC-48641 Sunny Daze (added 6/23/16)
CJC-48671 Bargello Pinwheels (added 9/18/16)
CJC-48673 Bargello Pinwheels (added 5/18/2020)
CJC-48674 Bargello Pinwheels (added 5/18/2020)
CJC-48675 Bargello Pinwheels (added 5/18/2020)
CJC-48676 Bargello Pinwheels (added 5/18/2020)
CJC-48781 Candy Jar (added 6/2/16)
CJC-48972 Star Flower Runner (added 4/20/17)
CJC-48991 Rosa Panel (added 4/24/16)
CJC-49073 A Whale of a Time (added 7/25/16)
CJC-49092 Double Darts (added 4/24/16)
CJC-49161 Hearts and Squares (added 4/5/2019)
CJC-49171 Snowball Chain (added 10/1/16)
CJC-49252 Bargello Jewel (added 1/17/2022)
CJC-49256 Bargello Jewel (added 1/17/2022)
CJC-49262 Four Diamonds (added 11/15/2019)
CJC-49263 Four Diamonds (added 11/15/2019)
CJC-49331 Mosaic Plume (added 2/26/17)
CJC-49429 Kyoto Gardens Kimono (added 6/30/2022)
CJC-49431 Glowing Eight (added 5/27/17)
CJC-49461 Bundle of Love (added 9/2/16)
CJC-49481 Polar Bear Fun (added 12/15/16)
CJC-49501 Twin Bargello Diamond (added 3/6/18, 1/27/2021)
CJC-49503 Twin Bargello Diamond (added 1/27/2021)
CJC-49511 Poppies (added 10/17/16)
CJC-4966 Log Cabin Flowers (added 9/25/2019)
CJC-49662 Log Cabin Flowers (added 9/25/2019)
CJC-4979 Floral Baskets (added 2/5/17)
CJC-4982 Happy Hour (added 2/6/208)
CJC-5000 Horses at Sunset (added 1/28/17)
CJC-5023 Starry Western Mantras (added 5/11/2018)
CJC-5030 Easy Tens Two (added 4/25/17)
CJC-5033 Framed Four Patch (added 1/30/18)
CJC-5051 Whimsical Hearts Table Runner (added 1/3/18)
CJC-50671 Log Cabin Trees (added 3/20/2018, updated 8/10/2018)
CJC-50681 Eagle Mountains Panel (added 5/1/2019)
CJC-50682 Spirit Eagles (added 9/16/2020)
CJC-50684 Eagle Mountains Panel (added 3/28/2022, 12/04/2023)
CJC-50691 Mermaids & Fishes (added 8/1/2018)
CJC-5074 Sunshine Sunflowers (added 8/30/2019)
CJC-50871 Lapping Waves (added 8/1/2018)
CJC-51151 Sea Life Windows (added 12/14/2018)
CJC-51152 Sea Life Windows (added 12/14/2018)
CJC-51190 Chickadees (added 9/4/2018, updated 11/30/2018 & 4/5/2019)
CJC-51270 Autumn Woods (added 11/13/2018)
CJC-51291 Sundance Lap (added 11/23/2018)
CJC-5132 Whale Tails (added 1/23/2019, updated 5/1/2019)
CJC-51331 Flower Windows (added 12/14/2018)
CJC-51344 Panel Kimono (added 12/13/2023)
CJC-51345 Geisha Panel Kimono (added 12/13/2023)
CJC-51346 Ginkgo Panel Kimono (added 12/13/2023)
CJC-5137 Mountain Stag (added 3/20/2018, updated 8/3/2018)
CJC-5138 Winter Cardinals (added 7/20/2018)
CJC-51491 Heron Kimono (added 4/17/18)
CJC-51711 Starry Unicorns (added 4/21/2021)
CJC-51761 Bears and Paws (added 8/21/2018)
CJC-51781 Shimmering Diamonds (added 3/9/2021)
CJC-51871 Six Diamonds (added 4/13/2020)
CJC-51872 Six Diamonds (added 8/27/2020)
CJC-52151 Wolves Panel (added 3/28/2020)
CJC-52251 Log Cabin Maze (added 9/25/2018, updated 3/26/2019)
CJC-52301 Pieced Hearts (added 5/31/2021)
CJC-52530 Mountains in the Mist (added 11/23/2019, 12/6/2019)
CJC-52681 Pinwheel Dream Big (added 7/2/2019)
CJC-52741 Christmas Truck (added 8/30/2019)
CJC-52761 Faithful Dog Friend (added 8/26/2019)
CJC-52841 King Whale Tails (added 5/1/2019)
CJC-53081 Twin Autumn Woods (added 6/23/2021)
CJC-53101 Arctic Whales (added 3/16/2022)
CJC-53161 Meadow Flowers (added 5/8/2020)
CJC-53261 Queen Double Diamonds (added 7/6/2020)
CJC-53371 Misty Forest (added 1/17/2020)
CJC-53671 Jungle Parrots (added 1/30/2021)
CJC-53681 Dancing Pinwheels (added 6/28/2020)
CJC-53785 Mountain Forest Queen (added 4/18/2022)
CJC-53841 Santa's Puppies (added 9/22/2020)
CJC-54021 Double Bargello Jewel (added 6/20/2020, 7/21/2021)
CJC-54283 Southern Penguins King (added 10/14/2021)
CJC-54311 Santa on his way (added 9/13/2020)
CJC-54381 Pine Valley Deer (added 2/8/2023)
CJC-54491 Duck Migration (added 9/13/2020)
CJC-54521 Floral Wonder (added 5/8/2020)
CJC-54531 Shoreline Stories (added 4/12/2021)
CJC-54641 Six Jewels (added 7/25/2020)
CJC-54701 Gemstones (added 3/4/2021)
CJC-54751 Cone and Wisteria Flowers (added 2/24/2021)
CJC-54821 Crescent Log Cabin (added 10/6/2020)
CJC-54861 Woodland Cabin (added 3/12/2021)
CJC-54911 Good Words (added 3/9/2021)
CJC-54961 Shark Teeth (added 5/25/2021)
CJC-55043 Christmas Tree Runner (added 11/17/2021)
CJC-55091 Stars and Circles (added 12/23/2020)
CJC-55141 Water Lilies and Dragonflies (added 4/12/2021)
CJC-55231 Ornaments and Tree (added 8/26/2021)
CJC-55541 Haunted House (added 8/31/2021)
CJC-55571 Christmas Things (added 11/9/2021)
CJC-56131 Turtles to the Sea (added 1/3/2022)
CJC-56182 Christmas Log Cabin Wreath (added 12/14/2021)
CJC-5631 Utopia Pyramid (added 11/16/2023)
CJC-56461 Rainbow Diamond Surface (added 10/24/2022, 1/19/2023)
CJC-56462 Rainbow Diamond (added 10/24/2022, 1/19/2023)
CJC-56465 Diamond Valor (added 1/19/2023)
CJC-56821 Bearly Christmas (added 9/12/2022)
CJC-56901 Aurora Animals (added 02/07/2024)
CJC-57160 Double Rising Peaks (added 3/21/2022)
CJC-57171 Bargello Kimono King (added 11/17/2021)
CJC-57172 Bargello Kimono Queen (added 3/28/2022)
CJC-57221 Frosty Polar Bears (added 10/19/2022, added 12/2/2022)
CJC-57472 Christmas Tree in A Window Lap (added 10/24/2023)
CJC-57481 Cats and Hearts (added 11/18/2022)
CJC-57531 Seaglass Stars King (added 1/12/2023)
CJC-57821 Rocky River (added 11/18/2022)
CJC-57841 Blooming Baskets (added 10/04/2023)
CJC-57911 Cabin by the Lake (added 4/12/2023)
CJC-57931 Eagle Landing (added 10/30/2023)
CJC-57991 Elk in the Meadow (added 11/14/2022)
CJC-58101 Blooming Flowers (added 2/14/2023)
CJC-58281 Pumpkin Farm (added 4/24/2023)
CJC-58421 Lilac Rhinestone (added 10/09/2023)
CJC-58571 Tree Farm (added 6/16/2023)
CJC-58581 Fawn (added 5/1/2023)
CJC-58671 Hexies Sixteen FQ Trip (added 9/6/2023)
CJC-58791 Fat Stars Fun (added 7/3/2023)
CJC-58871 Turtles and Sea Life (added 7/26/2023 & 11/14/2023)
CJC-58951 Park Walk Rhinestone (added 10/09/2023)
CLS-111 Mardi Gras (added 7/15/15)
CLS-123 Love Technique Sampler (added 2/26/17)
CMQ-140 Woven Rings (added 6/16/2020)
CMQ-142 Square Dance (added 1/23/2019)
CND-100 The One-Trip-Up Stair Basket  (added 1/3/18)
CND-102 Play Then Store Away (added 10/21/15)
CND-110 Cozy Cakes Backpack (added 2/10/16)
CND-117 The Motherload Tote (added 10/21/15)
CND-119 Rollie Pollie Organizer (added 10/1/16)
CPW-102 Chain Link (added 9/23/15)
CQ-017 Octopus (added 5/19/16)
CQ-024 Penguin (added 4/6/13)
CQ-025 Dog (added 4/10/14)
CQ-026 Moose (added 1/6/14)
CQ-033 Whale (added 1/28/13)
CQ-034 Dolphin (added 8/20/15)
CQ-046 Elephants (added 2/5/17)
CQ-059 Tractor (added 1/6/14)
CQ-119 Monster Truck (added 11/3/2020)
CS-01 Window on the East (added 12/2/14)
CTG-107 Harvest Garden (added 6/17/15)
CTG-110 Square Dance (added 7/28/15)
CTG-116 Gone Golfing (added 6/17/15)
CTG-119 Lazy Daisies (added 6/17/15)
CTG-120 Christmas Stars (added 6/27/15)
CTG-121 Sue & Sam (added 6/17/15)
CTG-122 Leaf Medley (added 6/17/15)
CTG-131 Charming Bow Ties (added 7/28/15)
CTG-146 Garden Path (added 7/28/15)
CTG-162 Walk About (added 1/30/16)

DFD-19e Stripes and Stars (added 5/10/2019)
DFQ-105 Kaleidoscope Puzzle Quilts (added 1/23/13)
DPC-220 Horses, Horses, Horses (added 1/23/13)

EQD-003 Pick Me! (added 10/4/10)

FCP-003 Christmas Row x Row (added 1/9/16)
FCP-005 Angels (added 4/27/13)
FCP-026 Whoo Knows (added 7/11/2020)
FCP-049 Caught Ya! (added 9/13/2019)
FCP-057 Gnome for the Holidays (added 3/2/18)
FCP-067 Kinda Prickly (added 2/21/2020)
FHD-130 Polynesian Party Bag (added 10/25/13)
FHD-137 Greenbriar (added 7/16/14)
FHD-212 Ocean Commotion (added 2/25/2019)
FN-801 Janet Tote Grommet Bag (added 4/20/12)

G2P-122 Snowmen (added 4/25/14)
G2P-130 Pumpkin Paper Dolls (added 4/30/14)
GQ-104 Star Burst (added 1/31/2018)
GTD-107 Bouquet for Nana (added 10/10/14)
GTD-113 Blue-By-You (added 8/16/10)
GTD-116 Sunset in the Sierras Quilt Set (added 9/30/10)

HHQ-7360 Crystal Blue (added 12/26/2019)
HMD-103 Treasure Chest (added 8/18/10)
HMD-104 Driftwood (added 9/27/11)
HMD-106 Scandinavian Sky (added 9/24/10)
HQ-202 King's Puzzle (added 4/25/12)
HQ-203 Fields and Fences (added 1/17/13)
HQ-204 Winding Waves (added 6/15/13)
HQ-219 Desert Diamonds (added 1/24/15)
HQ-227 Summer Star (added 4/18/2018)
HST-007 Autumn Cross (added 5/19/15)

ISD-106 Farm Scraps (added 10/30/11)

JB2-003 Karin Purse (added 3/9/15)
JB2-004 Emma's Purse (added 12/2/15)

KCS-DDSS Delicate Duo Spiral Star (added 9/22/2020)
KCS-SSS Summer Star Spiral (added 6/23/2021)
KW-002 Mommy's Hugs & Kisses (added 9/19/11)
KWA-1080 Spiral Motion (added 1/30/2018)
KWA-2222 Celtic Radiance (added 1/25/2019)

LA-101 Church House Steps (added 7/6/10)
LL-303 Chasing Rainbows (added 3/13/14)
LLD-001 Apartment Nine (added 1/17/13)
LLD-002 A Spin on Things (added 1/27/14)
LLD-037 Ruby's Ribbon Box (added 10/11/12)
LLD-049 Chutes and Ladders (added 1/27/14)
LLD-052 City Lights (added 3/4/15)
LLD-054 Zanzibar (added 3/4/15)
LLD-057 Bella Vista (added 11/25/14)
LLD-077 Purple Maze (added 11/24/15)
LLD-123 New Horizon (added 1/17/2020)
LLD-124 Black Tie Affair (added 12/11/20)
LOB-101 Hearts Afield (added 1/24/12)
LOB-110 Let's Celebrate! (added 9/15/08)
LOB-120 Line 'Em Up (added 1/18/12)
LOB-122 Santa In A Spin (added 4/12/10)
LOB-133 Just Ducky (added 11/13/12)
LW-04 Spiked Fans (added 8/16/10)

MAM-120 Falling Leaves Table Set (9/25/2018)
MAM-131 Large Celtic Weave (added 3/23/2020, added 02/14/2024)
MAM-135 Twisted Table Runner (added 5/4/2020)
MAM-166 Double Loop Wall Hanging (added 7/21/2023)
MC-001 Naptime Comfort Blue (added 10/8/13)
MC-120 Butterfly Flutters By Pillow (added 8/25/15)
ME-101 Winter Beauties (added 10/17/13)
ME-108 Hillside Barns & Pastures (added 4/26/10)
ME-111 Bargello Tree Skirt (added 3/23/2021)
ME-111 Bargello Tree Skirt (added 9/29/11)
ME-113 Blue Spruce (added 4/9/14)
MGD-101 Kansas Sunflower (added 5/28/15)
MGD-107 October Cosmos (added 1/17/13)
MGD-204 Summer Iris Picnic Quilt (added 3/27/2020)
MGD-262 Starlight Poppies (added 12/15/17)
MLG-102 Seashells (added 8/4/14)
MR-143 Falling into Autumn (added 7/20/11)
MR-157 Dance Santa, Dance (added 1/18/13)
MR-158 Bundled Up (added 1/18/13)
MR-160 Granny's Favorite (added 5/1/13)
MR-213 Surprise Package (added 5/27/11)

NDD-140 Downton Queen (added 1/6/14)
NMD-113 Shimmering Holiday (added 11/16/2023)

PAD-127 Family Quilt Too (added 11/25/14)
PC-111 Japanese Sampler (added 6/30/10)
PC-146 Cobbled Stonehenge (added 1/23/13)
PC-151 Meadow Stars (11/7/14)
PC-154 Alpine Village (10/17/15)
PC-157 Toscana Twist (added 3/25/2022)
PC-164 Starshine Beauty (added 9/8/16)
PC-165 Florentine Floor (added 3/6/2019)
PC-169 Heat Wave (added 5/21/15)
PC-179 Strips of Peel (added 9/22/15)
PC-181 Charmed (added 9/18/16)
PC-185 Stacks of Presents (added 7/24/16)
PC-190 Winter Solstice (added 12/30/16, 10/27/2020)
PC-198 Butterfly Lattice (added 1/4/17)
PC-199 Layers (added 6/23/17)
PC-216 Mod Squad (added 1/23/2019)
PC-222 In the Woods (added 9/7/2018)
PC-225 Besties (added 5/7/2019)
PC-226 Glass Menagerie (added 8/27/2019)
PC-233 Solstice Star (added 4/26/2019, revised 5/7/2019)
PC-239 Mod Trellis (added 7/15/2019)
PC-241 Vail (added 4/13/2020)
PC-256 Castelvecchio (added 3/24/2021)
PM2-19100 Lincoln Log Cabin (added 7/9/2020)
PM2-20104 Fair Flags (added 4/8/2021)
PRL-102 Cross Roads (added 4/20/10)
PS-1009 O Night Divine (added 10/18/2019)
PS-1029 Wood Works (added 6/18/2020)
PS-1045 Flora Flourish (added 6/24/2021)
PS-1055 City Lights (added 1/19/2021)
PS-1086 Nutcracker Sweets (added 11/15/2023)
PS-942 Fall in the Forrest (added 1/27/17)
PS-950 Fabulous Feathers (added 1/23/2018)
PS-952 Doggie Day Care (added 2/14/2018)
PS-968 Night Owls (added 10/12/2018)
PS-991 Biscuit Makers and Stinky Kisses (2/1/2019)
PS-993 Silence is Golden (added 9/25/2019)
PVQ-008 Goose Chase (3/26/2019)
PVQ-019 Just Blocks (added 11/7/15)
PVQ-037 Squares Afloat (added 5/20/2019)

QA-109 Hearts Delight (added 5/14/16)
QA-113 Lilies in the Wind (added 12/26/15)
QA-114 Three Witches Brew (added 5/14/16)
QLD-215 Faith (added 3/4/16)
QMQ-101 Flying for Nitwits (added 9/22/10)
QN-005 Cat Magic (added 5/30/13)
QN-006 Outside the Box (added 1/6/14)
QN-041 True Evening (added 10/24/15)
QNS-103 Bible/Book Tote (added 5/25/10)
QNS-104 Fall Maple Leaf Runner (added 11/22/10)
QNS-112 Dinner for Two (added 10/16/12)
QQO-001e God Bless Texas (added 5/21/2019)
QW-14 Jelly Patch (added 11/15/08)

SBK-001 Pockets Are A Girl's Best Friend (added 3/3/10)
SBQ-102 LeMoyne Beauty (added 3/8/13)
SDD-101 Sunset Sail (added 4/12/10)
SDD-102 Lake Effect (added 2/22/10)
SDD-103 Spinning Pinwheels (added 2/12/10)
SDD-104 Twisted Tiles (added 11/23/10)
SDD-105 Castille (added 5/31/11)
SEQ-102 Stone Wall (added 3/19/16)
SEW-108 Stepping Stone Blocks #1 Table Runner & Placemats (added 8/15/13)
SEW-135 Convertible Purse/Backpack (added 2/27/2020)
SEW-139 Festival Purse (added 5/3/14)
SEW-150 Modern Two Sided Log Cabin (added 5/3/14)
SFP-77 Silly Snowmen (added 8/10/2018)
SJC-126 Sunbeams (added 3/13/2020)
SJC-128 Amazing Rows (added 3/21/2020)
SJC-130 Dazzle (added 2/22/2021)
SLQ-105 Nature (added 5/4/18)
SLQ-106 USA (added 5/4/18)
SLQ-114 Adventure with My Tribe (added 7/23/2021)
SM-100 Masquerade (added 10/1/08)
SM-108 Circle of Hope (added 12/20/10)
SM-128 Dotsville (added 2/2/2012)
SM-137 Flowers of Tuscany (added 9/19/11)
SM-142 Tranquil Evening (added 12/16/12)
SNG-192 Autumn Breezes (added 9/27/11)
SP-118 Glowing Bears (added 5/30/14)
SQD-111 Double Effect (added 5/22/18)
SSD-002 Winding Ways Two (added 5/27/11)

TA-101 All I Want for Christmas (added 7/28/14)
TE-101 Celtic Log Cabin (added 7/1/14)
TL-105 Mississippi Memories (7/24/2018)
TL-17 Shattered (added 1/6/14)
TL-21 Windows (added 8/7/2018)
TPQ-101 Circles & Squares (added 2/3/10)
TPQ-102 Shaping Up Stars (added 2/12/10)
TPQ-103 Coconuts! (added 1/17/15)
TRQ-101 Sunday Morning Placemats (added 4/6/15)
TRQ-109 Red and Green Quilt Pattern (added 1/18/14)
TRQ-110 Sunny Days (added 5/7/14)
TRQ-116 Crossings (added 4/30/14)
TRQ-117 Island Nest (added 5/3/14)
TRQ-118 Christmas Quilt and Wall Hanging (added 11/27/13)
TRQ-121 Mohawk Valley Ramble (added 3/27/15)
TRQ-123 Autumn Harvest (added 8/15/14)
TRQ-126 Grannies Quilt #2 (added 2/25/16)
TRQ-128 Summer Breeze (added 5/7/14)
TRQ-129 Square Dance Quilt #1 (added 7/29/15)
TRQ-138 Grannie's Star #1 (added 5/7/14)
TRQ-139 Sunkissed (added 5/7/14)
TRQ-145 City Scape (added 5/3/14)
TRQ-161 A Day at the Beach (added 11/29/14)

UCQ-P67 Batik Bricks (added 8/18/2023)

VLQ-137 Mesh Totes (added 9/23/15)

YF-102 Star of Wonder (added 1/18/12)
YF-115 All Hallow's Eve (added 8/22/13)


Books with errors
BS2-902 Cascade of Quilts (added 2/11/10)
STT-901 Soldier's Pride (added 12/27/10)
CF-901 Moon Dance (updated 7/18//12)