Collection: PQ - Pamela Quilts - Pamela Boatright

My mother and grandmother passed a love of fabric and sewing to me and taught me to make garments and do some very basic patchwork to make warm tied comforters. As a young mother I discovered a new passion for quilting, thanks to a dear friend who encouraged me to explore the enjoyment of doing more complex piecing and hand quilting. From the very first I have loved creating original designs as well as trying new techniques and have continued learning throughout over 30 years of making quilts for me and my family.

When my daughters were older, I began to work at my local quilt shop - Threads That Bind. The owner, Sharan, started me on the path of writing patterns, and I find that this has been just as creative and challenging to master, and enjoyable in a whole new way! I do some teaching, but really consider myself more of a cheerleader than a teacher. I find that many people have the skills to do the work, but just need confidence that they can make something beautiful.

As a mostly self-taught quilter, I know first hand the frustrations of trying to read and understand complicated instructions, which inspires me to create patterns that are easy to follow and teach sound basic skills, while looking more complex than they are.

I am inspired by the beautiful Oregon Coast where I live, and love creating with nature inspired prints, and florals. I have been an Island Batik Ambassador for the last several years and am very much enjoying working and designing with quality batik fabrics as well! Precuts are one of my favorite tools, and I love the challenge of figuring out how to make them work with the traditional style patchwork that speaks to my heart.

I am an active member of my local guild as well as being part of several online quilting communities. I enjoy blogging about my quilts and other sewing projects. I also love sharing works in progress as well as finished quilts.