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The ABO in my pattern number comes from my niece who exclaimed, "I've got an AUNT BRENDA ORIGINAL", when she received a bag from me. I loved it. I have been sewing since I was old enough to hold a needle and thread. My grandmother taught me by first having me make hand sewn doll pillows which then led to doll dresses and accessories. Then my mother stepped in, teaching me to sew clothing for myself. I was never happy with the patterns available, so I would design what I wanted in an outfit and my mother would create them. I was forced to really learn to do this for myself when I moved to Florida for a short time.

I have always loved collecting bags of different sizes and shapes. I soon found that though I loved the appearance, they were never organized enough for me. So, the obvious answer was to once again begin designing and creating my own.

I home schooled my two daughters from kindergarten through high school. Now, that they are off to college, I found an empty nest and a lot of time. I took some of my things into a Suffolk quilt shop and began a new career. I also love the beach and bird watching. Combine the two and it's therapy. I reside in Suffolk, VA with my husband Dave and a menagerie of pets.