Collection: DFD - Designs for Divas - Sandy Chambers

I have always been in love with color. This love led me to quilting, with all the fantastic fabrics to choose from to make a quilt your own. My very first quilt experience was learning to hand quilt from the members of my church circle in the late 70's! Although that was a great way to learn, what I learned was hand quilting was not for me! I needed to find my way forward in this art form.

I found quilt shops, collected a lot of fabric, bought patterns that spoke to me and started quilting. Many beautiful quilts were made. However, I was still not sure about my quilting story.

Coloring inside the lines does not work for me, so every pattern I bought I wanted to change this or tweak that! So one day while fussing over a change I wanted to make from a pattern I bought, my always supportive husband said, just design your own! Designs for Divas! was born that day in 1995.

Since then I have created quilt patterns for every skill level. Along with pattern design, I also create custom quilts for customers. My quilt story had a meaning now! I hope you enjoy my patterns as much as I love creating them.