Collection: AV - Alison Vandertang

Alison Vandertang, like many of our quilt designers, grew up watching her mom sew. She made a lot of clothes for her Barbie (which she still has).  Current Alison knits, crochets, tats, embroiders, sews, and, of course, quilts.  Early on, Fashion Merchandising was Alison's major, but her career path took a turn. She worked for the Postal Service for 32 years and retired as a Postmaster in 2009. 

When not crafting, Alison and her husband Bill are avid gardeners (fruits, vegetable and flowers).  They have a son, Mark, daughter-in-law Heather and four beautiful grand-children. They also started making wine 3 years ago with all the fruit that is in abundance from their 9 acre property.