Information for Quilt Pattern Designers

Looking for Quilt Pattern Designers!

Here at, we publish, market, and distribute patterns for independent

By bringing many small designers under one roof, we can offer a wide selection (currently over 5,000 patterns from over 110 designers) to distributors, catalog companies, shops, and retail customers. We sell our patterns to many distributors and catalog companies across the United States (list available upon request).

We have an aggressive marketing program, dominant we/social media presence, and send an email blast to approx 32,000 retail and wholesale customers each week.

We offer our designers many additional design opportunities throughout the year as we work with many fabric and other companies to create designs to compliment their product lines. Most of these companies provide free designer samples.

We offer two options for our designers and you can combine the two options if you wish:

Print On Demand

Designers send us their pattern files and we print on demand as the orders come in. No inventory costs are incurred by the designers, they no longer need to print, fold, stuff, take orders, ship, or track the sales tax. We pay our designers royalties when we sell the patterns but the designer retains the copyright.

Downloadable ePatterns

More than 50% of our online orders are for downloadable patterns. Customers love the instant gratification. Designers provide the pattern pdfs, we do the rest. ePatterns are only sold at retail price.

First Step

The first step is for you to email us pictures or a link to your website so that we can see your patterns and provide feedback. You can contact our publishing department at If we are interested, we will ask for one or two patterns to look at for quality. If we think your patterns would be a good fit for our company, we will email you a contract which should answer most of your questions.

Optional Services for Designers

If the thought of doing the whole design process on your own seems a little daunting, we are here to help. is offering the following additional services to our designers due to many requests for assistance. These services can help us together achieve the best quality patterns as efficiently and quickly as possible. This can translate to increased royalties for you. Please take advantage of any and all of these services as needed for any of your patterns that we have accepted.

  • Testing/Proofreading/Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Pattern Writing
  • Print your patterns for you to sell locally at classes, shows, etc. at reasonable prices