Collection: CCQ - Cuddle Cat Quiltworks - Solomae Stoycoff

I’ve been sewing since I received my first sewing machine from my father for my 16th birthday (no comment on how long ago that was!). I loved being able to create clothing, loved the feel of the fabrics, the colors of the thread, the way the machine sounded as it hummed along.

Through the years of raising a family and working in the insurance industry, my interest in sewing came and went. Once my children were grown, I discovered quilting and never looked back. I’ve been quilting for about 16 years, longarming for 9 years and designing patterns for the past year.

In early 2022, I started designing and publishing quilt patterns. I now find myself awake at 3:00 AM with new quilt designs floating around in my head! It’s amazing the twists and turns life brings, the opportunities for growth, for joy and for learning more about oneself and the world. Pattern designing has become my passion. I love creating and communicating the process of quilt making through pattern design.