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Nancy Messuri is an Idaho-based, award winning and published quilter with a passion for color and more than 30 years of experience. During that time, she also had a career as a professional violinist. The precise nature of music might explain why she loves the precision of foundation paper piecing (FPP) so much. While precise, FPP also gives her the freedom to design with odd sizes within a block that would be difficult to measure and cut with traditional piecing. Designing is her favorite part of the quilting process.

Quilters go way back in her family. She has been gifted blocks and quilts from a great grandmother on down the line to her mother. The chain of connection is strong, and now her daughter is also quilting, so the chain continues.

Nancy lives with her husband, Peter who is a passionate luthier, and her two dogs, Tippy and Zak. Her son is a certified public accountant in Idaho and her daughter is a psychologist in Texas.