Collection: PG - Puppy Girls Designs - Lynn E Kane

I live, as I have most of my life, in rural Rensselaer County in upstate New York. After high school, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. When I came home, I fluttered from here to there as young people do, began working in the construction industry, eventually becoming a paralegal specializing in construction. I loved my job!

Returning to the rural portion of the county, I volunteered with the local rescue squad and fire department. I was ecstatic! I quickly became a NYS EMS and Fire Instructor and national Instructor in Farmedic and Traumatic Brain Injury. I’ve just started my 27th year in emergency services, the last 30 years have been full time. And with all of this action comes the need to slow down, to decompress.

I love to turn someone else’s trash into a treasure, believe strongly of reducing our footprint on the environment, to recycle and reuse existing items and to make do with what we have. I also believe in the power of appreciating people over things. A perfect afternoon is stitching with my Puppy Girls snuggled close by, watching the birds and wildlife do their thing, a crockpot simmering and quilt buddies or friends chatting with me.

The Puppy Girl in the logo is my beloved Heidi. A beautiful, and smart (!), Border Collie, Heidi came to me at age 9, after Hurricane Katrina, and stayed for several years. We were inseparable and it was during our time together that I started designing in earnest. Puppy Girl Emma, also a Border Collie, came to us as a rescue after terrible tornados in Tennessee, a few months before Heidi left. Little more than a year later, Puppy Girl Gabby came to Emma and me as a puppy mill rescue. The Girls are so devoted to each other, it’s sweet to observe.