Collection: SDD - Snow Day Designs - Margaret Stone

Margaret Stone is the force behind Snow Day Designs.

"I am a retired math and computer technology teacher, starting on a new career in quilt design. I try to create patterns that are made from very simple blocks, but give the illusion of being more complex. I love two color quilts!"

"My mother taught me to sew on a beautiful centennial featherweight sewing machine, but for years I said I didn't have the patience to make a quilt. However, when I was invited to help my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law make a quilt for my step-daughter's wedding, I figured I could certainly 'help' make one. Well, it was love at first rotary cut!"

"I then realized that quilting was the perfect combination of some of my favorite things: math, art, and sewing, with a little computer work thrown in for good measure. Never one to follow directions (don't tell my former students!), I always seemed to start with a pattern, and then change it to suit myself. I soon gave up, and started creating my own designs, with the help of EQ6. I try to make all of my instructions clear and simple with helpful illustrations that would be easy for anyone to follow. I hope you enjoy them!"