Collection: SCC - Sleeping Cat Creations - Patti Laird

Patti Laird of Sleeping Cat Creations has been sewing for more than 45 years. Her mother was a professional seamstress and taught her to sew at a young age.

Patti began by sewing her own clothes (as well as clothes for her dolls and Barbies). She sewed all her own clothes through junior and high school and into college. When she married, Patti sewed curtains for every room in her house and set about learning to make slipcovers and do upholstery.

In 2003, Patti took a basic quilting class through her local Viking sewing dealer. Since then, Patti has taken dozens of classes, attended many quilt shows, and some of her quilts have won awards.

Patti began teaching quilting in 2006 at her local Joann's store. She has since taught at several quilt guilds and teaches at local quilt shops. She also gives lectures and presents trunk shows.

In her business, Patti makes commission quilts, offers longarm services, and works on original quilt patterns. She also runs the international Quilters Guild.