Collection: AEQ - Aunt Em's Quilts - Emily Bailey

Emily pieced and quilted her first quilt when she was in high school. Her dream has always been to be a designer, although in high school she thought she would be a fashion designer. When her baby went off to school, she started sewing displays for a local quilt shop. In an effort to help the owner sell some fabric, Emily designed a quilt. It was a success. That was three years ago. Everyday she is amazed at how blessed she is to be living her dream. She enjoys creating, playing with color and design and watching how an idea evolves into a quilt.

Emily has three wonderful sons, a delightful daughter and an awesome husband. They are the joy of her life. Her mom has always been an inspiration for Emily. She is very talented and has always encouraged her to develop my talents. Emily is thankful to each of them for their love, support and encouragement.