Collection: CQA - Little House Quilts - Cathy Thomas

My name is Cathy Thomas, also known as Cat. I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountain state of Colorado and have four grown children and four grandchildren, including a precious little boy recently adopted from the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti. I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and quilt making — especially reproduction quilts from the Civil War era.

I have enjoyed piecing quilts for many years. Since 2001, I have been a longarm machine quilter by profession.  I love quilts – antique quilts, traditional quilts, contemporary quilts! The craftsmanship speaks of love, comfort, and artistry. To me, every quilt tells a story, and the colors and designs are like snapshots of life. I am inspired by the lives of women in times gone by who have passed on a piece of their hearts through the simple art of quilting.