Sewing for Tweens with Fat Quarters!

Are you looking to bring new customers into your shop? Have you considered the Tween sewist? As a sewing instructor, my students, girls aged 9 - 13 would ask me - "Ms. Ellen, why can't we find patterns to sew clothes like the ones you teach us?" I looked around and they were right - there are not many patterns with the simple, clean lines that they want. My students love how sewing lets them express their own creativity and style. The new Sewing Guidance for Young Ladies Pattern Series is designed just for Tweens. They are fun, modern and uncomplicated with lots of illustrations. Most patterns have only 2 -3 pieces and they stitch up fast. Girls draft their own pattern pieces based on just a couple of key body measurements. This means a great, customized fit every time. All of our patterns are kid tested! There are a variety of skill levels ranging from absolute beginner to intermediate. Here are three of my designs.


In 2016, we will include more tops, skirts, pants and shorts along with the hugely popular zakka items for accessories and bedroom like totes, scarves, pillows and of course, quilts with Tween-style. Parents are happy to spend money on a productive pastime that builds a lifelong skill. The New Year is a time for re-imagining. What about including a few amazing Sewing Guidance Tween workshops in your shop's class offerings? Create a customer that will come back to you for many years! See all of Ellen's patterns and products HERE on QuiltWoman.com Ellen Brown

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