AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series

AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series Part 3

I am excited to show you how my AccuQuilt GO! quilt which can be completely made using AccuQuilt GO! dies is coming along. In part 2 of my pattern series, I left you with this picture which shows all of my rows sewn together.

AccuQuilt GO! 3 Pattern Series

Now on to the fun part - applique! Now don't say "Eewww that's a dirty word" because with the GO! cutter, it is super simple. Plus, for my AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series, I will be selling pre-cut, pre-fused kits so all you have to do is iron them down and if it will be washed, stitch around them with a simple zigzag. Can you guess what this will be?
AccuQuilt Go Pattern Series

Remember to iron the fusible onto the back of your fabrics BEFORE you cut out the applique shapes. I keep forgetting - argh! Here I just needed one little circle so I am using part of a die instead of all of it.
AccuQuilt Go! Pattern Series

And here's my first applique in my AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series Quilt but - wait! I don't like the red hole, not enough contrast.

That's better...
AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series

Now let's add some vines...
AccuQuilt Go! Pattern Series

and cover up the gaps between the pieces with some leaves
AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series

and start adding flowers...
AccuQuilt Pattern Series

What do you the blue one getting lost there?
Check back here from more fun progress on my AccuQuilt GO! Pattern Series.
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