Washable Lady Products

And Now for Something A Bit Different - Washable Lady Products

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Femininewear is probably not what you normally think about when looking for wearable patterns. BUT sanitary pads are essentially teeny tiny quilts, right?! And, making them is both fun and empowering. Just think: it's an easy way to help the environment by reducing what you send to the landfill; it's a lot cheaper over time than buying disposable pads and underwear; they feel great, they're pretty and they work! And, contrary to popular belief, washing them is not gross - it's actually kinda liberating! See how quickly they stitch together:

1. Make the Inside Core and sew it to the top fabric


 2. Sew the top and bottom together and cut out


 3. Turn Right Sides Out. Close. Add a snap.


 There is a pad for every stage of a woman's life from her first period to light bladder leakage protection.


 They make up in a snap. You'll want a drawer full! 1. Circle Pad, sized for early years - ages 9 - 14


2. Thong pad (to be used with another type of menstrual protection)


 3. Regular/Maxi Pads


4. Light Bladder Leakage Protection Pads


 And they all come with a bonus panty liner pattern for everyday freshness too. It only takes a fat quarter of your top and bottom fabrics to make 3 - 5 pads. The absorbent core can be flannel, cotton batting, old towels, etc. And, for light bladder leakage or extra protection for menstrual flow, add a layer of poly urethane laminate which is easy to buy in many big box stores or online if your quilt shop doesn't carry it. It's a new day! Down with white, scratchy, papery disposable pads that no one really knows what they are made of! Give this eco-friendly option a try!

Click HERE to get the pattern.

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