Itchin’ to be Stitchin’ with Felt

Itchin’ to be Stitchin’ with Felt

I just love the look of wool felt applique. I love the raised texture, the traditional and the modern looks that can be done with felt, and I really like that felt doesn’t ravel. What is also great about wool felt applique is that it is an easy handwork to do while traveling – my husband loves to drive. But the problem is, I’m allergic to wool!


For a long time now, I have been just admiring wool felt from a distance. Then I discovered bamboo felt. I was so excited to be able to use a product that acts the same way as wool, is soft and easy to work with but also high quality and not itch-inducing. And bamboo felt is actually hypoallergenic and eco friendly since bamboo grows so rapidly.

I remember having bamboo growing on our little farm when I was a young girl. We used to make “musical instruments” out of the hollow stems and hats from the large leaves. See, I’ve always been creative.

Bamboo Felt

I found a source to order the bamboo felt and it turns out that it is less expensive than some wool felt which was a surprise to me so I ordered all 24 beautiful rich colors which are now available on our website.

We have it available as individual 9" x 10" pieces or you can purchase a sample pack of all 24 colors. The sample packs can be ordered as 24 - 4.5" x 5" pieces, or 24 - 9" x 10" pieces.

Here are the links to order: Bamboo Felt Piece or Bamboo Felt Sample Pack.


Pattern and Kit

I thought you might also like to see one of the designs I’ve been playing with that is now available as a pattern and kit:

Little Hooked Primitive Rugs Pattern. Includes bonus pattern for the Mini Farm Family Felt Embroidery shown on the right. Or you can purchase just the kit.

I used two strands of embroidery floss and simple stitches to attach the applique pieces to a background of weaver’s cloth (quilting fabric stabilized on the back with Shape-flex which is a loosely woven fusible cotton interfacing can also be used. It makes the fabric easier to stitch on without making the needle harder to pull through and at the same time helps keep the darker threads from showing through). It’s fun that you can keep it simple or go nuts with the stitching. There is no right or wrong way to do hand embroidery – just have fun and make it your own!


We have a great selection of wool patterns that can easily be made using Bamboo Felt!

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