new garland patterns

What we Love about Barb Sackel's New Garland Patterns

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new garland patterns
 Happy Easter Garland Pattern[/caption]

Designer Barb Sackel of Rose Cottage Quilting has introduced her fun, new line of garland patterns that are easy fast and fun! Here is what we love about Barb's new garland patterns.

1. They are no-sew patterns. We all love to sew. But sometimes creating something that doesn't require a machine, needle and thread is just downright fun. It's refreshing that these new garland patterns require few supplies and can be created fast.

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new garland patterns
 Merry Christmas Garland Pattern[/caption]

2. They are great for novelty fabrics. OK, so you bought a yard of sports themed fabrics for that cool man-quilt you just finished and ended up using only a small amount of. These new garland patterns are perfect for using up novelty fabrics. Bust that fabric stash and make a cute, colorful banner.

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new garland patterns
 I Love Sports Pattern[/caption]

3. There is one for (almost) every occasion and theme. Who doesn't love adding a decorative touch to special holiday gatherings and other occasions? These new garland patterns gives us the perfect opportunity to make something that will add to our occasions. Do you have an occasion in mind that you don't see here? We want to hear from you. Suggest a theme and if Barb ends up using it, she will send the pattern to you and we will promote on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and here on our blog. Imagine the bragging rights and freebie!

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new garland patterns
 Happy Birthday Pattern[/caption] 4. They are super trendy. I like it that I can create one of these colorful garlands quickly and decorate with them in a trendy way. Not having to spend a ton on new supplies and still be able to stay on top of the garland trend is great! [caption id="attachment_2277" align="aligncenter" width="320"]
new garland patterns
 Happy Halloween Pattern[/caption] 5. They are super affordable! For a low download price under $7.00, you can afford to stock up on all your favorite styles. Barb delightful designs include balloon shapes in wine glasses, holly leaves, hearts and other holiday themed styles. So what do you love about creating and decorating with garland? What can our next garland design be? We would love to hear your comments. NancySignature
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