Christmas Topiary

Christmas Topiary

Christmas! It is the happiest time of the year for so many of us. I think that part of the reason we love Christmas so much is because we take the time to add beauty to our surroundings. These acts are built into the very traditions that we cherish.  There is a mystical nature to beauty. First we create it,  then we experience it with our five senses. Beauty in part, is the physiological and emotional response to that which touches the heart. Beauty helps us to hope.  The next time something beautiful puts a smile on your face, pay attention, or maybe just give thanks.

As a quilt maker, I am able to add Christmas quilts to my seasonal domain. I like doing this because not only does it provide a visual impact, but a tactile one as well. Quilts beg to be looked at and touched. Pictured below is a smile maker that I call “Christmas Topiary”.

This quilt is a perfect example of the contextual nature of color. Few color combinations evoke such strong and immediate associations as red and green. The combination transports our thoughts to Christmas. A topiary is a perennial plant, trained into a distinct shape. Tie it with a bow of decorative ribbon and it becomes a fanciful object. Use red and green in the design and it belongs in the genre of Christmas.

Red and green are found in opposite positions on the color wheel. This means they are complementary and very high in contrast and visual tension. Because of this, too much can be jarring, and distress the eye. Therefore, their use must be measured. Still, when complimentary colors are used in correct proportions, they are a pleasure to look at.

I wish for the reader a joyful and blessed Christmas Season with many Christmas quilts to come!

~Kathleen Khosravi

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