A 3 dimensional turtle!

A Day at the Beach via Quilt Patterns!

"By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea!" There is nothing like a day at the beach, lots of images float through my mind, drift through my thoughts. OK, everyone at QuiltWoman.com is groaning at the puns…maybe I can get off early and go to the beach! Here is what put me into this lackadaisical, carefree mood. I found all these quilt patterns that make me think of the beach (click on any image to see more details about that pattern).....


A 3 dimensional turtle!

A 3 dimensional turtle!

Whereas this one seems more like a mysterious, hidden pool that you might stumble upon while adventuring in some far away land.

And the hot sandy dunes in the Sahara, there could be a caravan of camels approaching from the distance.

 I think my brain went to the beach even if I am still sitting here in the office on this warm summer day!

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