After the Storm

After the Storm

"As I left the barn, I felt the wind strengthen and the first drops of rain began to fall. I called to Sunny and told the children to wash up while I returned to the cabin to prepare dinner. "By the time I tucked Sarah and Jacob into bed, the storm had struck full force. The wind and rain hurtled down the lake, churning the water into white froth. When it reached our cove at the south end, it slammed into the woods, whipping trees around in a frenzied dance. Flashes of jagged lightening cut the night sky and thunder crashed so close to the house that the log walls shuddered.... "Inside our little fortress, I kept a fire blazing in the large fireplace, and two kerosene lamps shone brightly in an attempt to ward off the darkness and fury of the storm. The windows rattled ominously and the walls vibrated while all around the cabin I heard trees snapping like matchsticks and the wind moaned and howled. "Sarah and Jacob were frightened and huddled under one of my patchwork quilts near the fire. I comforted them as best I could.... I was frightened too."

After the Storm is a new book published by Cary Flanagan and available now on A story of Hannah, a young quilter growing up in a New England farming community during the tumultuous 19th and early 20th century. It is a poignant tale of love, loss, and resilience. Orphaned very young and raised by her Aunt Rebecca, she matures from a frightened child to a self-confident and successful quilt designer and businesswoman at a time when few opportunities were open to women.

Nancy’s review:

“I really enjoyed relaxing with this book after a long work day. The story of Hannah’s life makes one appreciate the modern conveniences we have today and that women of that era forged a path for women to be successful in the future. The book made me smile at many points and brought me to tears at others as author Cary Flanagan put heartfelt emotion into her words. She showed that only family and friends’ love and support can carry one through the dark times and make the celebration of the good times worthwhile.”

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