Classic Pattern Redo

Classic Pattern Redo

Even though I have worked for for many years I still have not seen all of the patterns that we currently carry.  There are just so many of them! 

The bonus of working for is getting the first peak at all of the new patterns that our amazing designers are writing and of course seeing all the new fabric lines that are soon to be released. 

Also I enjoy fulfilling the daily orders from our customers. It gives me a chance to see what patterns they have found on the website and what is catching their eyes.

Here is one that was recently ordered that I had not seen before. 

Modern Simplicity BS2-410

Although this is one of our classic patterns I thought that it would be perfect for some of the fabric lines by Northcott that are coming out soon.

Like Color Collage....

Color Collage

Or Fleurs


Maybe a patriotic theme like Stars and stripes.

Stars and Stripes

Or perhaps one of the great Christmas fabric lines, batiks, or solids.  The big blocks are great for a large print focus fabric or even space to show off your quilting skills.  Really the options are endless.  You just have to use your imagination.

To purchase Modern Simplicity BS2-410 CLICK HERE.

To browse our full selection of patterns CLICK HERE.

~~Happy Quilting~~

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