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The Quilters Calendar

Go From Local Teacher to National Teacher in Three Easy Steps!

With shrinking guild memberships (and budgets), the expense of hiring a big name national teachers, along with airfare, baggage fees and hotels, is something guilds are cutting back on. They are looking for local and up-and-coming teachers, and they are seeking ways of sharing expenses with other guilds – cooperating together to bring a teacher to both guilds. So, you've designed some patterns, maybe even had a book published. You've taught at your Local Quilt Shops, done a few classes for local guilds, created your Teaching Brochure. You might have a website (or not) but you're not getting attention from guilds across the nation. You want to expand your range of teaching gigs and you're stuck… . How do you get the guilds' attention to get those gigs? There is an easy way and guess what—it's free. Big name teachers are using it and so are up-and-coming teachers. Hundreds of guild members use this site to search through the profiles of over 150 teachers. They are able to search by state and by the teacher's specialty. They can read the teacher's profile–right on the site–and contact the teacher on the same page. Best of all, it works! Guilds send inquiries daily to teachers, and teachers like Maggie Ball, Cheryl Sleboda, Ann Shaw, and many, many more, have been contacted and booked to teach. It's not just Teacher profiles that guilds are looking at, either. There's an online calendar

with teaching engagements across the country, for 2018, 2019, 2020. Guilds can look at their state (or a nearby state) for any month to see who's already booked to teach near them. They “piggy back” that booking, which saves money for both guilds (they split the travel expenses) and it gives the teacher double the earning power for one trip. It's truly a win-win.

Are you excited? Want to be listed there? Submit your profile, sign up for the newsletter (to be informed when new features are added), and input any guild teaching engagements you have coming up so that other guilds can piggy-back that booking. It's that easy! This is the number one way to have guilds find you. Consider upgrading to a Premium Profile—it will show a photo of your best quilt; include your downloable brochure for the guild to click on; and other upgrades that make YOU stand out. Head on over to The Quilters' Calendar today to get your profile in front of the guilds who are searching for teachers nationwide!
Bio/Credit - Marguerita McManus is co-author of the best selling book Crazy Shortcut Quilts. She teaches nationally and presents video marketing and self publishing seminars at crafting trade shows. She lives in Alaska in the summer and her RV, roaming the states, in the winters. Contact her at

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