Penny Lane Primitives

Penny Lane Primitives

My name is Kathryn Hecker and I'm the owner/designer for Penny Lane Primitives. I've had an ongoing love affair with sewing since I was in elementary school. Over the years I tried pretty much every craft out there. Knitting, crocheting and embroidery have always been my passions, but more than anything, I absolutely love hand stitching! My desire to find something that I could turn into a profitable business finally blossomed in the form of my whimsical penny rugs. I started selling my completed designs on Ebay, but found it impossible to keep up with the demand. Then after many requests for patterns, I decided to give that a try. That's when Penny Lane Primitives was born.

Pattern Tip:

Here's a little tip for you...trace all of your pattern pieces onto freezer paper. You can then press the freezer paper onto your fabric for a temporary bond. This makes cutting your pieces a breeze! Once everything is cut out you just remove the freezer paper and you're good to go! I like to pin my pieces in place but stapling works too!

What the Future Holds:

I love creating new designs and have no intention of stopping any time soon! I recently retired from my job working in an elementary school and can now devote all of my free time to my growing business. There is something for every season in my line and they are so easy to create! My advice to anyone out there with a love of crafting that's hoping to start a business? Never ever give up! It may take some time, but if you have a dream, you can turn it into a reality!

Kathy- Penny Lane Primitives

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