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HHQ - Hedgehog Quilts - Terry Albers

Chevron Chenille Rug Pattern HHQ-7421 - Paper Pattern

Chevron Chenille Rug Pattern HHQ-7421 - Paper Pattern

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Create another layer of texture for your room with this cushy chenille rug. You'll use the quilting techniques you already know and love. . . no tricky sewing secrets involved.

We layered our fabric (matching the stripes) and stitched the lines for the chenille. Then we cut and sewed the three segments to create the chevron effect.

We layered the rug with batting, quilted through all the layers for extra cushioning and added the final border and backing. Finally, we tossed the rug into the washer and dryer to flugg up the chenille.

Rated as beginner friendly, the pattern contains our step-by-step instructions and easy-to-read graphics.

Skill Level: Advance Beginer

Finished Size: 20" x 29"

Designed by: HHQ - Hedgehog Quilts - Terry Albers

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